Monday, March 22, 2010

Responde Sil Vous Plait

"My experiment arose from plans for an evening of food, drink and literature, with readings by myself and two other writers, at a restaurant. Not exactly a drop-in-if-you’re-around kind of thing, so I asked friends to R.S.V.P. My initial message brought in a dozen responses, and the follow-up a few more, but days before the event I had a paltry 23. Not 23 who planned to come, but 23 who had bothered to respond. Half my invitees had blown me off. Why? I wasn’t peddling life insurance, after all." -Rand Richards Cooper, The New York Times.

I must admit, I was not always an RSVPer. I have designed many reply cards in my life, but only once, recently, have I actually been in charge of the RSVP list. I threw a bridal shower for a friend last year and recieved many replies in which I was very thankful for. Being on the other end has definitely helped me see the light! Party planners need to know if you will be there. They need to know how many seats to save for the dinner party, how many cupcakes to bake for Emily's 3rd birthday, how many bottles of wine to buy, burgers to cook, etc. So please read New York Times columnist, Rand Richard Cooper's little experiment. Are Americans just lazy? Or is it really that we're too busy?

And please RSVP.

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  1. Absolutely love this!!! :) Love ya Jenni Boo!