Tuesday, October 20, 2009

drum roll please....

Hi loveys!
After months of designing and test printing and cutting and re-printing, we have finally worked out (most of) the kinks and are excited to start blogging about SwellMail! We have a lot to show for our hard work over the past months from birthdays to babies, new homes, weddings, and more! This month we are concentrating on several Christmas ideas. Beth has been crazy busy with photo sessions, so if you're wanting to schedule some family pics then you better get your rear in gear and call her! I've been finishing up some shower invitations and am eager to start on card designs for the holidays. If you are interested in ordering custom invitations or cards for any occasion or if you have any questions regarding SwellMail, please let us know. you can reach us by email at swellmaildesigns@yahoo.com

Also, keep an eye out for future posts that will include our past work, some of Beth's photography, some cool stuff we design just for fun, and all kinds of creative things that make us happy.

Happy Fall!


  1. Good to see you up and running, though the pink on gray is a bit difficult for me to read. I'll try to figure out just why -- could be I'm color blind a bit.

  2. i changed the colors around a bit. i hope that works better for you! :)